Who Are the Acafellaz?

The Acafellaz are a performing Registered Student Organization (RSO) at Illinois State University, located in good old Bloomington-Normal, Illinois. The premiere bass a cappella group at ISU, has been performing since 1999, and entertaining the BloNo community ever since.

Riley Nahlik

Year: Senior
Major: Voice Performance

Riley is from Edwardsville, IL and is the President of the Fellaz. He has over 100 pairs of socks and once he wore a baseball cap for 72 consecutive hours on a bet, including in the shower and while asleep. Riley has also served the Fellaz as Social Media Chair ('17-'18) and as Music Director ('18-'19).

Blaise Mollet

Year: Senior
Major: Music Education & Composition

Blaise is from Fox River Grove, IL. He is a homogeneous mixture of jock, geek, and nerd, usually referred to as a dork. To be candid, Blaise believes this to be the best of all timelines, no matter how rough things may get.

Taeed Dismukes

Year: Freshman
Major: Business Administration

Taeed, a Bloomington-Normal native, love to play guitar and to longboard all over campus. He also served as Homecoming King of his high school, Normal Community, and is the only person in the United States with the name Taeed.

Brandon Wells

Year: Junior
Major: Music Education

Brandon is from Rockford, IL. Some fun facts about Brandon are that he knows American Sign Language and wrestled for 12 years. Brandon also serves as an assistant Social Media Chair.

Tyler Nieft

Year: Sophomore
Major: Business Mangement

Tyler is from a small town called Manteno which is about 50 miles south of Chicago. He has been singing, playing, and performing since he was in first grade and hasn't stopped to this day. A fun fact about him is that he is an Eagle Scout. Tyler keeps us in "check" as the Fellaz Treasurer.

Matt Seper

Year: Freshman
Major: Mathematics

Matt is from Plainfield, IL, just like another Fella, but they did not attend the same high school. Matt has been singing and dancing his way into our hearts for the last seven years. He is also a huge Chicago sports fan (GO SOX) and is a triplet. Matt serves as an assistant Social Media Chair.

Nicky Cima

Year: Sophomore
Major: Special Education

Nicky hails from Mount Prospect, IL, where he loves popping tags at the thrift shop and eating every meal at Chipotle. He hopes to one day become a Special Education Teacher, specializing in Learning and Behavior. Nicky also LOVES dogs.

Nate Harrison

Year: Sophomore
Major: Communications Education

Nate Harrison is from Dekalb, IL, where he was in Madrigals for 4 years, and owns the title Mr. DHS. He joined the Acafellaz because of his love for a cappella and loves making music with these fine gentlemen. Nate is the Fellaz Choreographer this year, helping us look as good as we sound. Nate also loves memes and gifs!

Adrian Micor

Year: Junior
Major: Marketing Analytics

Adrian is from Skokie, IL, where he played as a lineman for Niles West High School. He wasn't originally planning on auditioning for a cappella in college until he got a phone call from his high school director asking him to at least audition.

Noah Sierer

Year: Senior
Major: Actuarial Science

Noah is from Orion, IL and is serving this year as the Vice President of the Fellaz. He started his collegiate journey down south at SIUe. This is his second year in the Fellaz and at ISU. You can catch him longboarding around the quad or at the rec getting a good pump in.

Jake Hackl

Year: Junior
Major: Music Education
Minor: Spanish

 Jake is from Buffalo Grove, IL. His favorite TV show is Big Brother, and his favorite animal is "Jokgu" the musical prodigy chicken from America’s got talent that plays the piano. Jake makes sure we sound as good as we look as the Music Director of the group.

Joey Dwyer

Year: Junior
Major: Journalism

Joey is from Bettendorf, IA, the only out-of-state Fella. Joey works as a sports commentator at the ISU radio station, WZND, and he also loves to tuck-in his shirts for every outfit.

Jean Garcera

Year: Freshman
Major: Music Education

Jean, like fellow Freshman Matt, hails from Plainfield, IL, where he did not learn that his name was Jean until he entered the first grade. Jean is a Libra sun and a Leo moon, he cannot read lips, and when placing orders at restaurants or coffee shops, he opts to use the name "Mike."

Michal Szczerba

Year: Sophomore
Major: Engineering Physics

Mike is from Hickory Hills, IL . He began studying physics with the hope of figuring out if jet fuel can melt steel beams. Interesting facts: Bush is NOT his favorite president.

Jon Groebe

Year: Junior
Major: Psychology

Jon is from Libertyville, IL and he enjoys walks in the snow and bluegrass music. He takes great pride in his socks and exclusively uses Dapper Dan for his hair.

Devin Jackson

Year: Sophomore
Major: Music Education

Devin is from Oak Lawn, IL and is a man of many interests, including a love for long drives, deep talks, and good pizza.

Matt Sears

Year: Senior
Major: Music Therapy

Matt is from a Schaumburg, IL. He has 2 cats and although he’s one of the smallest people in the Fellaz, he can sing a low C. Matt keeps the insta feed popping as the Social Media Manager.

Management & Bookings


Email: isuacafellaz@gmail.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/acafellaz

Most Recent Photos: Andrew Jacobs, 2019

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